About Our Company

FA Economic Studies has been acting in an independent and professional way in the areas of Competition Defense, Antidumping, Industries Regulation, Sectorial Competitiveness Studies, Economic-Financial Assessment in Judicial Cases and Market Analyses since 1995.

The services offered by the FA Economic Studies basically consist in the elaboration of studies and opinions, having as principles:

(I) to offer studies maintaining an independent position supported by an impartial analysis of the presented matters.

(II) to place their clients' interest as absolute priority, rendering their services with integrity and competence.

(III) to observe strict standard of confidentiality regarding the private information obtained through their clients considering the rendered services.

(IV) to inform the clients any situation that can jeopardize the impartiality of their trial or jeopardize the objectivity of their services.

(V) to do not accept services that violate legal and ethical criteria.

(VI) to solely attend any requested studies according to their habilitation and qualification.

(VII) to adequately meet the clients' interests.